Weed Bakery The Game

A Recreational Marijuana Bakery Game

Run a Marijuana Edible Bakery in rocky Colorado!

4.5 stars on Google Play

Weed Bakery The GameGoogle Play4.5

Weed Bakery The Game Features:

More Awesomeness!

If you liked Weed Shop, but wished there was more to do, you’re going to love Weed Bakery The Game!

The second addition to the Weed Shop trilogy comes with brand new gameplay, characters, tasks and challenges.

Bake What You Grow

Growing and selling weed is so 2012. Turn it into edibles and make some serious dough!

Turn your weed into hash brownies, space cakes, bud muffins and more!

Smoke What You Grow

What’s the point in growing weed if you can’t smoke it?

Buy new paraphernalia, smoke different strains of weed and experience the all new procedural high mode!

Pimp Your Shop

Spend your extra cash on shop improvements and visual upgrades and show it off online.

Make your shop your own with Trippy, Rasta & Pimp themes and a huge variety of custom items and upgrades. 


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