Run your very own Medical Marijuana Dispensary aka Weed Shop in sunny California!

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Weed Shop The Game Features:

Stunning 3D Environment

Still playing weed games with crappy gameplay and even worse visuals?  In 2014?

Weed Shop is the world’s first 3D weed farming game,  with gorgeous graphics and a chill reggae soundtrack.

Procedural Weed

Tired of staring at the same static image of your plant as it “grows”?

The weed plants actually grow before your eyes and no two plants are ever the same.

Non-Linear AI

Your customers won’t repeat the same cheesy phrase taken from that stoner movie’s Wikipedia page every time they show up. They’re actually intelligent.

Treat your customers right and they’ll come back for more, disrespect them and you’ll have to watch your back 24/7.

Advanced Economy

It’s not just about being a good weed farmer anymore.

To succeed in the Medical Marijuana business you’ll have to promote your store, earn respect, keep your customers happy and complete various tasks. 


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