Take Your Weed Business Online In Weed Garden The Game!

4.4 stars on Google Play

Weed Garden The GameGoogle Play4.4

Weed Garden The Game Features:

Grow Lifelike Weed

The third installment of the Weed Shop franchise features the most detailed weed plants ever seen in a mobile game.

Grow a huge variety of lifelike weed strains in a stunning outdoor environment!

Play Online!

Weed Garden is the only weed game with real-time online gameplay.

Gift, sell ,buy & steal weed from your friends online, visit other weed shops & rob your competition.

Make It Your Own

Countless upgrades, garden supplies and an unconstrained free build mode create unlimited customization posibilities.

Create your one of a kind weed garden with trippy items and rasta decorations!

Get Real High

Advanced stoned effects and trippy visuals offer an unprecedented virtual smoking experience.

Experience different highs by smoking new weed strains from a large selection of paraphernalia! 


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